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Nothing pumps the government coffers like DUI revenue.  The police wait for the right times to go hard & heavy so that it’s like fishing in a barrel, San Diego DUI attorneys remind.

Spring Break is no exception.  It’s the next San Diego DUI cop utopia, generating overtime for report-writing arresting drunk driving deputies up and down this county in California, say lawyers.

“DRIVE SOBER OR GET PULLED OVER” is what cops are pushing.

“DON’T DRINK & DRIVE OR GIVE COPS A REASON TO STOP YOU” is what the San Diego Couty DUI Law Center says.  Here’s the latest DUI checkpoint locations.

DUI Deputies from San Diego’s Sheriff’s Encinitas Station will be conducting a “Spring Break” DUI Checkpoint on Friday, April 11, 2014 in the City of Encinitas.

This San Diego DUI checkpoint is presently secret and its location is undisclosed.  Stay alert between 7:30 p.m., April 11, 2014 and 1:30 a.m., April 12, 2014.  If you see this California drunk driving roadblock location, email or text (619) 218-2997 so its location can be posted to help others avoid.

A California drunk driving grant from the Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be used to fund this San Diego DUI roadblock.

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