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San Diego Police Department “DUI detectives” are in the news again today, lawyers say.  In other southern California drunk driving news, San Diego DUI attorneys have this story:

Amanda Bynes scored a no-jail plea deal in her southern California DUI case yesterday.  A California DUI attorney for the “Hairspray” actress appeared in court on her behalf and pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of alcohol-related reckless driving, maintains the lawyer who handled her DUI achieved.
Bynes received three years of probation and must attend three months of alcohol education classes, San Diego DUI attorneys are told.
“She’s doing very well,” says her California drunk driving lawyer Richard Hutton, adding: “This case took some unexpected turns, but it’s resolved. Everything is going just like it should.”
The more serious charge of DUI stemming from the 2012 incident was dropped, superstar California DUI attorney Hutton said.
The former child star was released from in-patient psychiatric treatment in November and now is living with her parents in Thousand Oaks, Calif., while under a mental health conservatorship.
She was formally diagnosed with schizophrenia after months of disturbing behavior that culminated with a makeshift fire set in a stranger’s southern California driveway last July, California DUI lawyers believe.
The 27-year-old actress stripped her burning pants off during the fire and told a witness that her gasoline-drenched dog was hurt and needed help, according to a DUI crime witness.


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