San Diego DUI Law Center

What should you know if arrested for a San Diego DUI, lawyers suggest:

1.  Obviously, you want to know what your situation is and just how serious a San Diego California DUI could impact your life.

2.  You want understand what can be done in your San Diego DUI case.

3.  You want to know the possibilities available to you.

4.  You want to see what a San Diego DUI lawyer can do for you.

5.  You want to know what not to do if this ever happens again to you.

6.  You may wish consult a San Diego DUI & DMV defense attorney before you do anything.

7.  You want your lawyer to contact the California DMV in a timely fashion.

8.  You want to thoroughly research all California drunk driving-related issues.  Start with these San Diego County DUI Law Center articles. 

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