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What are the San Diego Field Sobriety Tests, Acrobatics and Gymnastics aka Standardized Field Sobriety Tests or SFST’s used in drunk driving cases?

How do San Diego Superior courts deal with San Diego DUI FST’s that are not performed in accordance with NHTSA? These are the frequently asked questions about San Diego DUI SFST’S.

Extensive studies of field sobriety testing (FST’s) has been done by The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) in order to determine the possibility of intoxication. Many of these studies are open to scrutiny.

California DUI lawyers have written about various issues and problems in this area.

Overzealous San Diego DUI cops have utilized FST’s to develop probable cause for arrest and they have also used these San Diego DUI FST’s as evidence to be used in the court in a San Diego DUI prosecution.

But the accuracy of San Diego DUI FST’s has not been scientifically determined to be accurate reflectors of alcohol intoxication. When administered in a standardized manner, it was determined in one incomplete study by the NHTSA that three FST’s are accurate indicators of alcohol intoxication.

Most San Diego DUI courts will still admit the tests into evidence although the FST’s do not have scientific backing reflecting reliability. In San Diego California, all FST’s are allowed by courts and they are admitted as evidence, but by challenging the reliability of the non-standardized tests defense counsel can attack the weight of the evidence.

Many San Diego DUI FST’s do not have any such scientific data to support the conclusion that the drunk driving suspect is actually impaired.

Consequently some folks are falsely accused in some respects.

There is one sure way to avoid a San Diego DUI – designated decoy.

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