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In evaluating the pros and cons of a San Diego DUI Lawyer, you can pretty much count on there being a bad review or two. Does that mean the DUI attorney with the bad review should not be hired to handle your drunk driving case in San Diego California? Of course not.

First of all, places like Yelp have tons of bad reviews.

Not sure why that site has so many but it certainly condones that sort of thing.

Look at all the reviews on say Avvo and Google. If there’s a bad review, read the other reviews.

Then you will figure out that the bad reviewer is one former client who is in the minority of San Diego California DUI cases that the attorney has handled. Sometimes the challenging drunk driving case does not ultimately end the way that the particular client hoped or wanted.

All DUI cases are difficult to defend; some are much more difficult than others. Keep in mind some clients have unrealistic expectations. Others get mad at the end of the DUI case, for one reason or another. It’s hard to keep everyone happy all the time.

When you retain a San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist, you are simply investing in the opportunity to have excellent representation. There is no guarantee.

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