San Diego DUI Law Center

What is the real difference between a “San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Attorney” and a “San Diego California Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer”?
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There is no difference. Different San Diego DUI attorneys represent themselves differently to John Q. Public.

The main factor is whether the San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer is actually a DUI Specialist as recognized by the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA).

A second factor is whether the San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney has a Superb lawyer rating by Avvo.

In San Diego there are attorneys who claim they are DUI lawyers and there are some that describe themselves as Drunk Driving attorneys.
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What one wants to find out is if he or she is actually a San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist per CDLA.

Advertising is very competitive for some lawyers who want to be DUI Attorneys or some San Diego attorneys who are looking for additional income by mailing folks arrested for drunk driving.
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Some San Diego criminal defense lawyers are saying their business is slow so they try to pick up DUI cases even though they are not a recognized Specialist.

Good San Diego DUI Attorney Specialists should not even need to advertise. Those San Diego DUI lawyers who actually specialize in DUI defense get drunk driving cases through word of mouth.

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