San Diego DUI Law Center

Why should you hire San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Rick Mueller for your San Diego DUI case and San Diego DMV Hearing?

Your choice of a San Diego DUI defense attorney is an important decision.

The San Diego Drunk Driving Lawyer you choose can mean the difference between an excellent San Diego DUI outcome or real bad complications.

If you want to be always fully informed about your San Diego DUI legal rights and you want a San Diego DUI defense lawyer who will fight for your rights, email .

This San Diego DUI attorney will aggressively represent you at both San Diego DUI court and at San Diego’s Department of Motor Vehicles administrative per se drivers license suspension hearing.

This San Diego DUI lawyer will give your San Diego DUI defense case the personal attention it needs.

Your San Diego DUI defense attorney problem is HIS problem. He will handle your San Diego DUI case as if it were his own. You do not have to settle for anything less.

You may reach this San Diego drunk driving attorney 24 hours a day for a free consultation at .

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