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DUI Lawyer Rick Mueller handles San Diego California DMV hearings.

If things go well when a case is taken under submission, after the hearing, Attorney Mueller notifies the driver that:

Your DMV Case was taken under submission.

The case will be decided by written decision after Hearing Officer
concludes careful review and analysis of evidence, objections
thereto, Points & Authorities, contentions, etc.

DMV did not say and I have no idea when the Hearing Officer
will send out the decision – copy to you and me simultaneously –
but it may not be too soon. We did a good job and now
must wait for the mailed decision.

You may continue to drive.

San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller is a Superb-rated San Diego California Drunk Driving Lawyer, San Diego California DUI & San Diego California DMV Defense Lawyer with over 27 years of experience. DMV Guru Rick Mueller devotes time to teaching and California criminal defense lawyers who attend regularly inform the President of the California DUI Lawyers Association that San Diego California DUI criminal defense lawyer Rick Mueller’s presentation and materials are very instrumental.

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