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When a San Diego county driver fails a voluntary DUI sobriety test, she or he can receive a DUI for “driving under the influence of marijuana,” which is a crime under California Vehicle Code 23152 (a).

San Diego court punishment for a California DUI marijuana varies depending on the facts of the individual case and the driver’s criminal history, with particular emphasis on drug and/or alcohol offenses, attorneys say.

If it’s the driver’s first time getting a DUI marijuana conviction, they face three to five years of informal probation, up to one year in county jail, a court approved DUI school, many fines, and a six month court-ordered California driver’s license suspension.

People tend to forget is that San Diego DUI – marijuana can be a criminal act if driving is affected and the person is truly under the influence, lawyers say.

Marijuana and DUI can injure drivers and others. According to national trends in the NIDA, about 38,000 high school seniors in the U.S. reported that they crashed while driving under the influence of marijuana in 2001.

If perception is altered there is definitely a higher risk of harm. San Diego DUI police officers aren’t the only ones concerned with the safety of students who drive under the influence

Driving under the influence of marijuana is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol, but driving with any distractions should never be done.

According to recent studies, texting, calling, or even fiddling with the radio, can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence, San Diego DUI attorneys point out.

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