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When you go after any cop, even a San Diego DUI cop, remember how difficult it was for this young lady to go after a BAD COP: San Diego police officer Anthony Arevalos.

Both San Diego Police Department Internal Affairs and San Diego County District Attorney’s Office took no action after this woman complained. Will a United States District Court judge?

“Jane Roe” was arrested for DUI in San Diego.

Officer Arevalos allegedly put a mesh spit hood over her head, because she was crying and frothing from the mouth. “There were holes in it, so I could see gloves,” she said. “I was treated like an animal. I asked for a female officer.” Arevalos was wearing purple latex gloves. As she was being taken to Las Colinas Women’s Detention Center in Santee: “He looked down and saw I was wearing a dress and put his hands up my dress. The sexual assault lasted a few minutes until I think he was worried that a car would go by. He was just like a pig. I can’t describe it any other way. He was just a complete jerk for doing what he did.”

Roe filed a complaint with San Diego Police Department Internal Affairs. The “case” was forwarded to the San Diego district attorney’s office. The DA’s office refused to file charges against the bad cop, saying there was not enough evidence against the bad cop.

As an exotic dancer, “Roe” believes her credibility was called into question because of her profession. “I was working as a dancer. I don’t know if that was the reason why they didn’t believe me.

It’s just stupid they wouldn’t believe a dancer.”

Only when several more women lodged similar complaints, Arevalos was put on trial and found guilty of sexual battery and other charges. He was sentenced last month to more than 8 years in prison.

“It makes me sick because of how violent he was. The way he came off and his demeanor was extremely cold hearted, violent, ‘I’m going to get what I want,'” Jane Roe now says. Cops normally do. Not this bad cop.

She filed a federal lawsuit, seeking money. Maybe they will take her seriously now.

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