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Today MADD provided further economic incentive for DUI police to make more DUI arrests, thereby increasing the demand for DUI attorneys & drunk driving lawyers.

The Most DUI arrests award winning honorees today, for those DUI deputies who work at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, include:

Deputy Kenneth Werner, Vista
Deputy Tammy Bennetts, San Marcos
Deputy Aaron Meleen, Poway
Deputy Dave Toner, Encinitas
Deputy Brenda Weibe, Encinitas
Deputy Felix Santiesteban, Lemon Grove
Deputy Rob Siegfried, Imperial Beach, and
Deputy Laura Shands, Santee.

SDSO Deputy Toner, who set some kind of record by husting 187 San Diego area DUI arrests in 2010, will get the big bucks. He will be rewarded again as the MADD California Hero Award at the MADD California Statewide Law Enforcement & Community Recognition Event in Sacramento, California on March 26, 2011.

Every DUI arrest is recognized. Every DUI court and DMV case can mean overtime and more money.

Awards are recognized. Awards mean promotions. Promotions mean bigger bucks.

How valuable are companies Budweiser and Miller to San Diego?

America’s beer industry is responsible for $33.2 billion per year to the California economy. Beer industry generates nearly 229,746 jobs in California – which accounts for $10.5 billion in wages and benefits. The industry also contributed $6 billion in the form of business, personal and consumption taxes in 2010.

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