San Diego DUI Law Center

Who should I trust?

Trust only your San Diego California DUI Lawyer.

Trust no one else. Please do not talk to your family, friends, co-workers, police, investigators, or prosecutors about your California DUI case. It’s none of their business.

No one cares about your rights being protected except your San Diego California DUI defense attorney.

If you are in the criminal system because of alleged California DUI charges and you are facing possible jail time, no one is your friend except your California DUI lawyer.

Too many California DUI cases result in a California DUI conviction based simply on what the person said to the police.

Had the person exercised her or his right to remain silent from the beginning, then the prosecutor would have had an uphill battle to prosecute or the San Diego DUI police officer may not even have had enough information to file a DUI report for the prosecutor’s office.

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