San Diego DUI Law Center

Why even hire a San Diego DUI attorney?

If you do not, you will guarantee the result.
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Defending yourself in the San Diego DUI lawyer criminal justice system will be impossible and never successful.

San Diego Drunk Driving is a complex field of law. The San Diego politics and the odds are stacked against you.

Here’s what a San Diego DUI / drunk driving charge may bring you later: a jail sentence; a substantial fine; attendance in alcohol abuse classes; suspension, revocation or restriction of your driver’s license; and/or many other substantial San Diego drunk driving penalties.
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Pleading guilty to a San Diego DUI will result in your insurance premiums doubling and even tripling over the next several years.
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The San Diego DUI fines are not as financially draining as the rise in California DUI escalated insurance costs.

A San Diego DUI arrest arrest triggers two separate legal actions against you: the immediate DMV action, and the criminal proceedings.

With skilled San Diego DUI Lawyer help, you may get your San Diego DUI / Drunk Driving charge dropped or reduced without the expense of a California DUI jury trial.

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