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New California 2021 Laws – Traffic/Car

New California 2021 Laws – Traffic/Car Amidst all the unknown in the world today, there are few things we can be certain of. Coming into 2021, some of the things we can be certain about, are the new vehicle and traffic laws that came into effect in California on January 1st.   New California 2021 […]

How much does a DUI attorney cost?

For a first-time misdemeanor DUI, a DUI attorney generally costs in the ballpark of $1,500 to $5,000.  A California DUI Lawyer Association (CDLA) Specialist often starts at $2,500 – $4,500. Immediately get a free online DUI attorney consultation form – click now for a $1,000 Discount. Fees can usually increase if there is a felony, […]

Marijuana DUI Arrests Expected to Increase With Legalization of Recreational Pot

Drive High Get a DUI

  Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Use Expected to Increase Marijuana DUI Arrests Happy New Year! Or is it? As California Patrol Officers plan for a major increase in cannabis-related DUIs, Pro-Pot Drivers Should Exercise Caution! Beware! In addition to increasing DUI patrols, California is ringing in the new year with a new set of increasingly […]

Avoid a DUI on the 4th of July

DUI Stats Researched by San Diego DUI Lawyer

Fourth of July festivities include some of the most fun and memorable times with family and friends! It is a time to celebrate and appreciate the freedom of our nation. However, these freedoms can be easily abused and quickly turn festivities into fatalities.  Unfortunately, there are moments when we do not use our best judgment […]

New DUI laws 2017


San Diego drivers should familiarize themselves with new 2017 DUI and DUI-related laws which impact driving in California: Ignition Interlock Device in any vehicle owned or operated, mandatory beginning 1/1/18 and optional now.  Driver blows in IID before starting vehicle.  Vehicle will start if no alcohol. Take an Uber.  Uber and Lyft now safer as […]