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November 2017

April 2015

You are the mouse that the San Diego DUI cat (DUI police officer) hunts! DUI Lawyers report.

San Diego DUI cops are the cats, the hunters.   San Diego DUI drivers are the mice, the hunted, San Diego DUI lawyers warn. The cats who catch the most mice win the Annual MADD Most-DUI arrests Award, San Diego DUI attorneys emphasize. According to the San Diego [...]

Can you believe a San Diego DUI Cop who tells you all kinds of things after being arrested?

Let's start with the obvious when you are arrested & charged with a San Diego DUI: Do you believe that the San Diego DUI officer who arrested you is your NBF or is on your side? Ever hear San Diego California DUI officers are competing for most [...]

March 2015

Cannabis cruising is ok in San Diego, California, as long as your driving is ok too, say DUI lawyers.

If you smoke marijuana before driving, can you be prosecuted for DUI in San Diego, attorneys are often asked.  You can be arrested for a San Diego DUI (Drugs) - whether medical marijuana or not - but you cannot be prosecuted for having a [...]

“Driving” must be proven in San Diego DUI cases which can be done if you fall asleep driving solo on freeway.

If you are tired after drinking but still have to get home, please find another way, San Diego DUI attorneys warn.  If you can't get a friend or loved one to drive, try public or private transportation. Ever hear of Uber? You do not want [...]

IID Restriction – Ignition Interlock Device and California DUI (Vehicle Code Section 23152) conviction

IID Restriction Beginning January 1, 2019, if convicted of your first Vehicle Code Section 23152 DUI-related San Diego offense, you may be legally required to have an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed on your vehicle attorneys recently announced. At least you'll be able to get your [...]

Zero DUI arrests in San Diego county after detaining nearly 600 vehicles in San Marcos, California, lawyers discover.

You don't have to be a Libertarian to understand that spending tens of thousands of dollars on policemen without any return is a waste of San Diego county taxpayer money! San Marcos staged a San Diego California DUI Checkpoint at 100 West Mission on [...]

St. Patrick’s Day reminder: Don’t drink & drive drunk, own a portable breathalyzer, avoid San Diego DUI cops.

Respectable San Diego DUI attorneys try to warn folks not to drive after drinking, how to avoid a DUI, how to handle oneself if contacted by California drunk driving cops and where to find these checkpoints. Owning a hand-held breath gadget is a good way [...]

Get Drunk & Steal a California Highway Patrol Cruiser? Good or Bad Idea, DUI attorneys ask?

What do you do after you drink alcohol, get stopped by the California Highway Patrol, get arrested for DUI but before you are handcuffed, do you steal the CHP Cruiser, lawyers wonder. Yes! You jump in the driver's seat of the California Highway Patrol Officer's [...]

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