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Let’s start with the obvious when you are arrested & charged with a San Diego DUI:

Do you believe that the San Diego DUI officer who arrested you is your NBF or is on your side? Ever hear San Diego California DUI officers are competing for most DUI arrests award given annually by MADD? Any one tell you that you may not not need a San Diego DUI lawyer? Can you believe that San Diego DUI officer may not be telling you what’s going on, like how you did on tests?

Remember when that San Diego DUI officer told you the hand-held gadget was optional and you did not have to blow (if you are over 21 and not on California DUI Probation)?  (Oh.  You were not told.) California statute requires a San Diego DUI officer to specifically tell you the hand-held gadget or Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test is voluntary.  Always remember that you do not have to blow in the field gadget if you are not on California DUI probation and you are older than 21.  As far as a chemical test is concerned, you only have to blow or give blood only at the station or San Diego County jail.
Would a San Diego DUI officer want you to hire an aggressive San Diego DUI attorney to contest everything possible about your drunk driving charges? In San Diego County misdemeanor DUI cases, you are not allowed to represent yourself.  You must get a San Diego DUI lawyer, hopefully a California DUI Lawyers Association certified DUI Attorney Specialist.
Is there a practical reason San Diego DUI courts require this? San Diego drunk driving misdemeanors are considered very serious, punishable by up to 6 months in jail + significant penalties and far-reaching ramifications including fines, programs, ignition interlock device, vehicle impounds, public work service programs, MADD, SCRAM bracelet, AA meetings, loss of license, increased penalties from enhancements, effect on employment, loss of liberties, etc.
Remember those San Diego DUI field tests?  Did the San Diego DUI cop say how you did on these gymnastics or field sobriety tests?  Did she or he seem fair about the way she or he subjectively judged your performance or ability to follow instructions?
Why did the San Diego DUI cop take your license and/or give a pink DMV order of suspension? Trust that San Diego DUI officer?

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