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Video Games Lead to Higher Collision Rates


2021 marked a revolutionary year for technology and innovation, even amidst a global pandemic. Breakthrough discoveries like advances in Nuclear Fission, fully communicative AI assistants, and electric vehicles are just the beginning.

Electric vehicles, in particular, have been on the rise since Tesla’s market debut in 2010. Once Tesla’s revolutionary design became available, the electric vehicle market was never the same. Tesla’s revolutionary design was constantly improving, bringing us every over the top feature imaginable. Some of these features include dog mode, Netflix streaming, and the ability to play video games while in motion.



Video Games

While the gaming feature has been available in Tesla models since its early stages, the new Model 3 has resurfaced this feature. The vehicle’s gaming feature is now front and center in every Tesla. Tesla has taken their gaming capabilities a step further, turning the vehicle into a full-blown video game console.

In the Model 3, the Tesla steering wheel also serves as the actual controller to some of the games offered as part of the gaming feature. In an effort to make gaming a prominent feature of their vehicles, Tesla has made it much easier to find. Not only does the new gaming update tap into Tesla’s steering features but it also taps into the braking system as well.



Safety Concerns

The NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has strict vehicle safety rules in place to help mitigate the risks drivers face when they are on the road. A spokesperson for the NHTSA provided that, “Distraction-affected crashes are a concern, particularly in vehicles equipped with an array of convenience technologies such as entertainment screens” in connection to their recent efforts to try and effectively come up with a solution to the new safety concerns around the Tesla gaming feature.

While these new features are revolutionary, they do not eliminate the major safety concerns they pose for many. The worry stemming from drivers ultimately playing these games while driving on the road is not far removed. It can ultimately pose as an extremely dangerous distraction that has the ability to end fatally.



Drinking, Driving, and Video Games

A potential concern regarding Tesla’s new gaming feature arises when alcohol becomes a factor. Not only is gaming while operating a vehicle dangerous but it becomes even more so when one is drinking.

Without certainty as to whether or not Tesla will have to amend these features, it is imperative take extra precautions. Particularly when it comes to alcohol consumption and operating a Tesla. In order to protect the drivers as well as those on the road, it is recommended to be mindful of the legal driving BAC limit which stands at 0.08 or to refrain from alcohol consumption altogether if you plan on operating your Tesla afterwards.

Ending up in a situation involving an accident caused by playing video games while driving, is not ideal for anyone. It becomes even-less-so when alcohol becomes the deciding factor in it. If you find yourself in a situation involving alcohol, your Tesla, and video games, reach out to a DUI specialist immediately. Rick Mueller, California DUI Lawyers Association Specialist, for the greater San Diego area, has a track record like no other. His experience and expertise allows him to guide you through the process and ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your specific scenario.


Video Games Lead to Higher Collision Rates

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