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Tips to Avoid Wrong-Way Drivers


Within the past week, the San Diego community has been faced with a substantial amount of loss. In the span of one week, San Diego experienced four fatal wrong-way driver involved collisions. The unusually high number of consecutive crashes that have occurred recently, have brought about a very important issue; wrong-way driver collisions. Wrong-way driver-initiated collisions have posed as a key component to the alarmingly high fatal collision yearly statistics.

Due to recent events, wrong-way driver awareness and knowledge of preventative measures is imperative. Here are a few tips that one can implement to try and reduce the possibility of being in a collision with a wrong way driver.




  • If you spot a wrong-way driver, move as quickly and as safely as possible. Once you have removed yourself from immediate danger, call 911 and report the wrong-way vehicle.
  • When driving, always keep a high visual horizon. One can do this by staying on high alert while watching one’s horizon line. The act of looking down the road, increases one’s ability to determine any roadway hazards that may be far ahead. This will allow for ample time for drivers to remove themselves from the immediate danger.
  • When driving at night, stay in the furthest lane to the right as possible. Try to avoid the left lane, the fast lane, as much as possible as most wrong-way drivers will be driving in what would be their right lane but in turn becomes your left lane.
  • Make sure to turn and keep your headlights on once it starts to become dark outside. If a wrong-way driver sees headlights beaming into their window, they are more likely to realize they are going in the wrong direction.
  • Avoid any and all distractions. Distractions take one’s attention away from the road which can, even for a second, result in delayed reactions times.
  • Most importantly, do not drink and drive. While this in itself is a danger to yourself and others, your reaction times are delayed and your vision can become blurred, making your ability to avoid a wrong-way driver impaired.




A current analysis conducted by the AAA Road Safety Foundation between the years 2015 and 2018, it was concluded that 2,0008 people died in wrong-way collisions. The AAA Road Safety Foundation also reported that wrong-way drivers kill approximately 500 people each year, which has begun to increase a mere 34% over the past four years.

Research has also found that the likeliness of an individual driving the wrong way increases with:


This research has determined that six in ten wrong-way drivers are said to alcohol-impaired. It also shows that drivers 70 years old and above are over-represent, as an age group, for individuals involved in wrong-way collisions. Lastly, this research also concludes that approximately 87% of individuals involved in wrong way driving accidents were alone.



Driver-Based Countermeasures

In light of the rising wrong-way driving accidents resulting in fatalities, transportation agencies are being urged to adopt driver-based countermeasures. Some of these measures include:



Driving Under the Influence

With more than half, almost three quarters worth of wrong-way drivers found to be driving under the influence, a DUI is also a very plausible outcome of this particular situation. In the unfortunate event of a wrong-way driver incident involving a driver who is under the influence, it is imperative that driver obtain a DUI specialist lawyer as soon as possible. In the San Diego area, Rick Mueller, California DUI Lawyers Association Specialist, is the right fit for all your driving under the influence circumstances. With a proven track record and exceptional customer satisfaction rating, Rick Mueller is sure to get you the best possible outcome for your specific situation.

Tips to Avoid Wrong-Way Drivers

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